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Nothing against Beef Wellington, coq au vin or spaghetti, but the true unsung hero in the kitchen is water. No water, no way. Water is a vital ingredient, and one of the kitchen’s most important tools. In any kitchen under very ordinary conditions, the kitchen faucet is used up to ninety times per day. In a professional kitchen, it’s used hundreds of times more often.

We designed the K7 line with cooking enthusiasts and amateur chefs in mind: those serious about cooking who do it for fun and personal satisfaction, and with a high level of technique and knowledge. Just as cooking enthusiasts scour recipe books, faithfully watch cooking shows, and scrutinize the saucepan selections of famous chefs, GROHE watches every move that true professionals make. And that’s what led to the K7 kitchen line, faucets that blend the functional performance of a professional kitchen with design sophistication, and with all the technological perfection you’ve come to expect of GROHE.

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Grohe k7Design Story

In the kitchen, a lot depends on skill and timing. Professional chefs know this better than anyone. That is why K7 was developed with input from professionals and geared to the needs of home chefs. K7 answers the question of whether the focus of design is functionality or  aesthetics with an emphatic ‘Both‘!

K7 is so functional that you can devote your full attention to what you are doing. The professional spray can be pulled out, turned and swivelled 360° and operated with one hand. Furthermore, you can switch back and forth between the spray and mousseur without having to turn off the water.

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